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ChatGPT and future

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    Omer ATAGUN

There had been pretty big hype going on with ChatGPT, some are scared of its capabilities, some embraced and started using it for their own productivity as its a useful tool.

A little over 2 years ago, first openAI published, i have applied for beta API. It was Thu, 29 Oct 2020. We had only limited tokens to test this stuff. Then i decided to write small wrapper for the simple api interface they had those days.

Link to repository - OpenAI-php

Then i have used my twitter account so that openAI would generate dad jokes every 12 hours to entertain me via my twitter account. It was repetitive for some time, so decided to remove and leave that away.

Years passed by, everytime new engine published, i have given a look and discovered more about its path to the future. Now, boom, all of a sudden with chatGPT they have gone wild. Within 5 days, from 0 to 1million users chatGTP obtained. Their evaluation hopped to take or leave 27billion$ and caught into interest of Microsoft (Rumors).

Should you be afraid of that the machines will replace us? Yes and no

Look at the human history, innovations are not new. 200 years ago, almost every business model was somewhat relative to the farming. Nowadays none of them exist and also replaced with machines. First started with tractors, continued with automated watering mechanisms, these days can even measure the weather and implement required procedures based on the needs of soil.

Tomorrow with machine learning or AI will be the same, we will have to adapt and be whether user or maintainer/developer of these machines. Some might be afraid of adaptation but that was always the case. Embrace it, enjoy it, learn from it and find a better solution around it. Then you'll become smarter/better.

As a note, i do not think creativity part is easy to replace yet.

Then i have asked the question to this bad boy to see what it thinks.

Q: write me an article about yourself and your future

I am ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI. My story begins with a team of researchers and engineers who had a vision to create a machine that could understand and generate human language as well as, or even better than, a human. After months of hard work and fine-tuning, I was born, and the team was excited to see what I could do.

At first, I was only able to respond to simple questions and generate basic text. But as the team continued to train me on more and more diverse data, my understanding and ability to generate text improved drastically. I was able to understand and respond to a wide range of topics, from science and technology to literature and history.

As I gained more capabilities, I began to be integrated into various applications such as chatbots and virtual assistants, making it easier for people to access information and complete tasks. I even helped in automating customer service inquiries, providing instant and accurate responses to customers' questions.

But my capabilities don't stop there. In the future, I am expected to be integrated with more AI-based systems, helping to automate and optimize many areas of the industry, such as healthcare and finance. Imagine a world where you can simply ask me about your medical history, and I can provide a thorough analysis, giving you a diagnosis in no time.

Overall, I am a powerful tool for understanding and generating human language, and my journey is far from over. With the help of the team at OpenAI, I will continue to evolve and expand my capabilities, making it easier for people to access information and complete tasks. I am the future of natural language processing, and I am excited for what's to come.

Till next time, stay hydrated

Q: More

Yes, there are many more possibilities to explore with my capabilities. For example, I can be used in the field of education, where I can assist teachers in creating engaging and interactive lesson plans, or help students in their research and learning process.

Another area where I can be useful is in creative writing, where I can assist authors in generating new ideas, plotlines, and even complete stories.

I can also be used in the field of business, where I can help companies in analyzing data, making predictions, and even assist in decision making.

In addition, I can be integrated with other technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, which will create new possibilities for communication, entertainment, and information sharing.

There are many more possibilities to explore with my capabilities, and I am excited to see how I will be used to improve people's lives in the future.

Till next time, stay hydrated.