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Not just hello world

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    Omer ATAGUN

This was a thing for sometime in my mind so that i could use my own documentation in manner of blog and help others to solve their problems ( presumably they have the same ones, how cant they? )

Finally i found some spare time and done this bad boy to deploy on my own k3s cluster. This is a pretty neat next js application that has standalone approach without in need of any relational databases.

I mean why would you need it if you are to write your own stuff and no others will do on a web interface? you can solve with simple configuration as they are objects and map them through. Whenever you want to publish new blog post, build your image and deploy, thats pretty much it.

This way, we can scale this application however we wish to. No persistent storages, no sql instance at all. What i am about to do is making a docker image for this, publish to my private docker repository. create deployment in rancher/k3s and scale it to N amount with beautiful layer 4 load balancer.

Worry not my friend, i will be explaining all the process along the way in next post :)

See you soon.