Software engineer

I do things for the feeling of success. Loving journey more than the result. Just because of that, i have done so many stupid things and learned a lot on the way. Needless to say that i am very bad at CSS, tailwind rocks

These days i still run my product called eDominations and i work with LeanIX. If you'd wish, you can find recent details of my works in github and workplaces in linkedin.

Well yeah, sounds cool but what i actually do on a daily basis ?

  • Working with Rust for some time to and loving it!.
  • eDominations with its over 100.000 registers and around 20 different events serving 6 million page views a day. At the moment requires very small amount of time to maintain system. I am about to build second version which will be working as React SPA with Laravel/PHP as service. Deployment of this entire microservices currently on k3s with/by Rancher. It took some time to build but its benefits out of negotiation.
  • Learning more about clusters, cluster management, writing these blog posts. Experimenting OpenAI since 2020 ( AI populated Twitter dad jokes ).